Aspen Service Dogs: One Dream, One Team

Government-Qualified, Professionally Trained & Certified Service Dogs


Did you know Aspen Service Dogs is an Alberta Government Qualified Service Dog Organization? Having met the requirements of the Alberta Training Standard, per the Service Dog Act of Alberta, Aspen Service Dogs prides itself on supplying highly trained, well-behaved canines that are able to perform a variety of tasks for their human partner. Aspen Service Dogs is one of only a handful of organizations approved to produce and train Service Dogs in Alberta.

Mobility, Autism, PTSD, Facility, Medical Response and Hearing and Diabetic Alert Service Dogs are all trainable at Aspen.

Distinctly different from Therapy Dogs, our Service Dogs receive specific training to meet the needs of their human partner; the standards of the training these dogs receive is very high. Quietly serving and being of assistance, Aspen’s dogs are skilled, trained professionals in their own right.

Aspen Service Dogs provides canines that understand their tasks and duties as a Service Dog, and are eager, disciplined, and humble in service. They are invaluable, dedicated helpers. They are physically able, healthy, and have the correct temperament to be of service.

Public Access Test

We are happy to announce that we are expanding our services and are offering preparation classes for your Public Access Test.  If you require a single class to review your readiness to take the test or need multiple classes to help you with advanced skills or mitigation tasks, we can help you to achieve your goal.  Please contact us for more information.

Fully Trained
Service Dog Program

If you have a medical requirement where you would have benefit for a service dog, Aspen Service Dogs can train one for you.

Owner Trained
Service Dog Program

If you have a medical requirement and you already have a dog or would like us to help you find a suitable dog for training, Aspen Service Dogs can help.

How to Apply

We want to make the application process easy. The first step is to contact us and we can book a consultation so we can get more information about your specific requirements.

Puppy & Adult Raisers
Are a Special Breed
Are YOU One?

“Being a Raiser is a truly rewarding, amazing experience and a wonderful way to make a positive contribution to the life of a person with a disability.”