Your Dog as a Service Dog

Do you have a medical need that could be aided by a Service Dog? Do you have a dog that you’d like to train as your Service Dog? Not all dogs make the cut. We can determine if your dog is suitable for Service. Our Assessor and Certified Trainer, Maria Illes, and her team have the skills and expertise to establish if your dog will be a suitable Service Dog.

Aspen Service Dogs is also happy to provide coaching for the government paperwork required to obtain certified Service Dog status for your dog. We are familiar with the forms and particulars to help you on this path. Please connect with us for a consultation.

While living in a special needs world, many parents find themselves not being the ones to get to teach and give their children what they need. Owner training has not only given me the opportunity to build my confidence as a parent, but I now get to be the one to give my daughter a calm in her life and a best friend to help share the world with.

Owner training means my child and her puppy grow and bond together naturally, they learn their cues from each other!

It gives our child a sense of accomplishment because she gets to be included in the training process 100%

Aspen is family centred and love the people they work with. My child is loved like their own and we are supported in every aspect of this journey. My daughter and her pup are trained to together as a team and what a team they are!

Thank you Aspen for letting me be mom and for loving your dogs and children the way you do!

~ Ashley Holowaychuk

Maria has helped me train my service dog, Rumour, who is on his way to becoming a qualified service dog now. She also helped my partner train her qualified service dog. She is an amazing trainer and the dogs she selects for Aspen Service Dogs are top notch. Aspen is a great choice for finding a trained and qualified service dog!

~ Andrea Bellerive