Puppy Raisers are a Special Breed – Are YOU One?

Our Service Dogs start their lives with Puppy Raisers who help train, nurture, and lay the foundation for our dogs. A great Puppy Raiser is pivotal in a dog’s life.

Basic obedience, house manners, and a supportive first home help our puppies grow into confident, socialized canines and provide a basis for Service Dog training.

Being a Puppy Raiser is a significant commitment of time, energy, and skills and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The puppy will be with its Raiser for well over a year. During that time, the Puppy Raiser will need to commit to:

  • attending weekly puppy training classes with Aspen Service Dogs/ASD trainers;
  • teaching the puppy basic obedience and house manners;
  • taking the puppy many places, all the while encouraging socialization and new experiences;
  • being present with the puppy as much as possible and not leaving them unattended for long periods of time;
  • providing a stable, comfortable home for the puppy

Being a Puppy Raiser is a serious commitment. It’s also a truly rewarding experience and a wonderful way to make a positive contribution to the life of another person – the ultimate owner of the Service Dog.

Aspen Service Dogs will provide you with the gear, food, veterinary services, training, support, and encouragement to be a wonderful Puppy Raiser. We know how invaluable positive experiences and training are for our dogs and acknowledge the incredible voluntary effort of our Puppy Raisers.

Our volunteer Puppy Raisers are true heroes in a Service Dog’s development. We have two puppies right now that are waiting for Puppy Raisers. If this sounds like something you can commit to, please connect with our Certified Instructor, Maria.

maria@aspenservicedogs.com or 780-455-8137