Volunteer to be an Adult Raiser

Available in Edmonton Only
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Work and Home

Do you own your own vehicle?(Required)
Are you willing to have our dog live in your home as a member of your family?(Required)
Transport to our school is mandatory for the Adult Program. Are you prepared to transport our adult dog to and from our training school from Monday to Friday?(Required)
Do you rent or own your property?(Required)
Please note if you reside in rental property, written landlord approval is required.
Please note that our dogs are required to sleep in a dog bed or in a kennel.
Is your yard fenced and secure?
Do you currently have any pets at home?(Required)
Are their vaccinations up to date?



Do you agree to not leave our dog alone for an extended period greater than 3 hours?(Required)


Personal Reference



Professional Reference



Aspen Service Dogs Inc., will expect you to commit to the ASD training and health programs.