Aspen’s Service Dog Graduates

Roger and Nova

Bryn and Gemma

Dallin and Georgie

Cassie and Gracie

Markus and Daniel

Olivia and Max

Chew Family and Gracie

Todd and Griffin

Jenaya and Cosmo

Tyra and Roxie

Brook and Grayson

Nicole and Tapioca

Mya and Oakley

Dallin and Oliver

Zeus and Roxy

Hailey and Chesmina

Annika and Rossi

Darren and Faith

Nicole and Bella

Chris and Farrah

Nicole and Dasher

Sonya and Belle

Destiny and Spencer

Kayleigh and Ash

Fayden and Ella

Catherine and Poppy

Shannon and Tuha

Austin and Morgan

Erin and Gevin

Eyva and Conner

Christine and Wicket (left) and Jacki and Renny (right)

Markus and Zafi

Daniel and Atlas

Sasha and Owen with Ashton

Deanna and Gage

Jo and Almond

Shailynn and Atrej

Jay and Amp

Carly and Gilmore

Michelle and Zeus

Danielle and Claire

Gillian and Diesel

Carla and Ivy

Tricia and Willow

Jenner and Barclay