Facility Service Dogs

Facility Service Dogs are hard-working, adaptable canines that may be used in a variety of settings, such as courthouses, child protection centres, schools, etc. Taking leadership from a trained on-site handler, Facility Service Dogs have basic obedience training in addition to commands specific to the needs of the organization. For example, Facility Service Dogs may:

  • provide physical stability or be a tool in an occupational therapy setting;
  • provide comfort and decrease stress in a courthouse setting;
  • provide retrieval or seeking in a seniors facility (getting newspaper and delivering to senior, seeking help from caregiver, etc).

Since Facility Service Dogs are conditioned to specific tasks required, they can make a significant positive impact when used in many organizations. To determine if your organization would benefit from a Facility Service Dog, please contact us.

Watch Henry, the facility dog at The Journey Club, in action.

Henry in the News