Medical Response Service Dogs

Medical Response Dogs provide individuals with a variety of medical diagnoses the confidence to live independently alongside providing companionship and assisting with day-to-day tasks. Some examples of tasks that Medical Response Dogs can provide are:

  • Recognizing a specific scent as a food allergy indicator;
  • Locating and alerting a specific person for assistance;
  • Triggering a medical alert device to bring EMS help;
  • Retrieving emergency medication;
  • Licking or nuzzling to bring you out of a seizure;

This can include Epilepsy, Food Allergy, Diabetes Alert, POTS and many more. Some Medical Response Dogs can alert before a medical emergency by detecting changes such as blood sugar. Most of our response training helps to manage symptoms following these situations to aid the person in recovering quickly and getting any additional help that they may need.

Medical Response, Epilepsy Testimonial

We started the process with Aspen Service Dogs 2 years ago, to train a service dog for our daughter with epilepsy and special needs. In April 2024 the exciting day finally arrived when we received the very special addition to our family, Uffi. We can’t say enough about the knowledge of the trainers and the support they provide through the process of integrating Uffi into our family. We expected Uffi to be well trained, but that is an understatement. Between the volunteers who dedicate time to raise these dogs, and the commitment of the Aspen trainers, their service dogs are the best trained dogs you will ever come across. Uffi will help us keep our daughter Elsie safe and provide her an amazing companion for the next decade. We are forever grateful for everyone who supported Uffi in her journey to arrive at her final destination with our family.

Julia Irwin