PTSD Service Dogs

Post-traumatic stress disorder is an often debilitating condition with many factors at play – panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, inability to leave one’s home, nightmares, and generalized fear being some examples. PTSD Service Dogs are trained to meet the specific needs of their human partners. While dogs are typically comforting, non-judgmental, eager to please and be loved, PTSD Service Dogs differ from Comfort Dogs and dogs in general.  PTSD Service Dogs are highly attuned and trained to arrest, deter, or negate certain behaviours in their human partner. For example, PTSD Service Dogs may:

  • provide a physical safe zone around the human partner to combat fear of being around other people or places;
  • attune the human partner to the onset of a panic or anxiety attack and deter the attack;
  • alert others in the house to an impending panic or anxiety attack that the human partner is experiencing;
  • provide safety and security outside of the home.

By being attuned to their human partner, PTSD Service Dogs increase a sense of safety, comfort, and sureness. This can lead to better overall well-being, less frequent bouts of depression, lower blood pressure, and more calmness in the human partner. Please connect with us if you want to know more about how a PTSD Service Dog can be of help.